Have You Seen Me ???
The following members of the Big Spring High School Class of 1964 have either lost touch with us or have not yet been located by our highly trained pack of bloodhounds. If you know the whereabouts of any of these members of The Class of 64, please contact Molly Walls at mewalls@attbi.com

Mary Aquirre
Mike Alexander
Roy Allen
Marcia Baker
Robert Baker
Janie Barber
Sherry Beard
Linda Bolden
Ronnie Booth
Dick Brown
Tommy Buford
James Capps
Charles Copeland
Judge Crater
Judy Cross
Anita DeLeon
Brenda Diese
Wayne Dietz
Linda Edwards
Kalvin Ferrell
Mary Fields
Ricardo Flores
Rosemary Foster
Jo Beth Gass
Sylvia Gilbert
John Gordon
Leopold Guinn
Wynona Hall
Hope Harrington
Shari Harp

Edgar Jennings
Pat Jones
Gail Kennedy
Karen Landrum
Duane Lawhon
Christy Liles
Diana Little
Richard Marquez
Beatrice Martinez
Mary Martinez
Roy Mills
Susan Morris
Joe Munoz
Asucena Olguin
Sherry Owens
Darla Parker
Leroy Paul
Manny Puga
Jean Randel
Thurman Randle
Diana Salame
Betty Sherman
Jean Shoenarts
Tim Smith
Terry Stretch
Andrea Terrell
Connie Thornton
Roger Van Hooten
Sandy Wheat
Rusty Wilkinson