MEDIA    The Big Spring High School Class of 1964

Flashback! Relive the CO64 Senior Assembly!

Remember the Senior Assembly? Let me refresh your memory. It was May 15, 1964. A bunch of your classmates got up in front of the entire student body and did things that made us laugh, cry, cheer and, perhaps, blush. Still not remembering our final, farewell to high school? That's o.k., we all have those "Senior Moments". If you would like to take a trip back in time to May 15, 1964, click on one of the links below. (Requires Windows Media Player)

Sr. Assembly (56k Modem or Broadband)

Sr. Assembly (Slow Modem connections or older computers)

A Look Back (Video)(Broadband Connection)

40th Reunion Presentation (Video)(Broadband Connection)